Chant of the Week: Gabby Beckett

Graduate student midfielder Gabrielle Beckett of the women’s lacrosse team is this The Chanticleer’s Chant of the Week. 

 Beckett previously played collegiate lacrosse at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. At her previous school, she scored 26 goals and 30 assists, leading her team with five and 18 in her second and third years respectively.  

 Before college, when her dreams of playing division one lacrosse began to take shape, she said she always looked up to a University of Connecticut (UConn) women’s basketball legend named Maya Moore. Moore, who won two national championships and was the first Huskie ever to score 3,000 points, went an astounding 150 and four during her four years there from 2008-2012. 

 “I was a huge basketball fan,” she said. “Maya Moore, she played at UConn. She was my favorite player growing up and athlete all around. She hustled, offense, defense, always there for her teammates, and that inspired me to be the same way.” 

 Fast forward to Feb. 12, 2023: In the Chants’ season opener at home against Presbyterian, Beckett finished with three points on one goal and two assists. She helped her team win 20-3 especially “within the thirties” as she named the best part of her game. 

 According to Associate Head Coach Erin Fitzgerald, Beckett came onto the lacrosse team with “a ton” of experience and confidence. 

 “The scrappiness you see in games is the same she brings to practice,” Fitzgerald said. “She’s physical on the field but right off the field, she’s best friends with everyone. She brings a great dynamic to our team. 

 Beckett said she has loved her time spent in Conway so far, and has appreciated the warm welcome Coastal Carolina University has given her, literally and metaphorically. 

 “Everyone is very friendly down here. The southern culture is really nice and everyone has also been very welcoming, and the weather is unreal” Beckett said. 

She continued to say her transfer felt off to her at first but was able to adjust quickly. 

  “Being a fifth-year transfer was kind of weird,” she said. “I felt too old to be a freshman but at the same time I was a freshman, being completely new but everyone, the coach, the team has just been so great in this transition. “ 

 After school, she does not plan to continue playing lacrosse, but does wish to stay involved with sports. 

 “I’m ready for the next thing. I coach over the summer and I love that,” she said. “I think I’m ready to give back to the sport in a different way.” 

 With a Master of Business Administration and an undergraduate degree in marketing, her dream job is also in the realm of sports, in the social media department. 

 “I would love to go into social media for any sports team,” she said. “It’s a lot of fun. You can be so creative with it and you develop a relationship with the players.” 

 Beckett looks forward to her season ahead before she hangs up her cleats and leave her mark on the sports world in a different way.