Krystal Dotson

Krystal Dotson is a Coastal graduate student in the Communication Master’s program with a concentration in communication leadership.  

Not only is she a student, but she is also a graduate teaching assistant, whose responsibilities include preparing in-class lectures and activities for a communication persuasion course. Dotson said the roles she plays as a mom, wife, local, and student are what makes her proud. She will be graduating from CCU this May. 

She founded and now serves as executive director of Project Grow, which works with students to develop a community garden on Carver Street in the Booker T. Washington neighborhood of Myrtle Beach. Dotson said it was created to honor the loss of her childhood friend. 

“Our mission is to sow seeds into the lives of adolescent girls through empowerment and educational sessions focused on personal and professional development,” Dotson said.