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No days off: Study day goes missing from academic calendar

The end of the Spring 2024 semester is approaching fast, but with a shocking twist.  

After the last day of classes wind down, students usually head over to Kimbel Library to dedicate an entire day to study and prepare for finals. It’s a day with no obligated interruptions such as classes or exams.  

Except, that will not be happening this semester.  

According to Coastal Carolina University’s academic calendar, the last day of classes is April 24, followed by final exams beginning on April 25. A study day was scheduled for the Fall 2023 semester, and it remains unclear why it was not scheduled for the following semester.  

By not providing this opportunity to students, not only is the University potentially hindering their success, but also adding another level of unwanted stress. Forcing students to immediately jump into finals could hinder their preparation and leave many overwhelmed by the quick turnaround.  

Study days are crucial for students to healthily cope with the stress of finals week. Mental health and well-being are emphasized at this University, yet students don’t have a chance to breathe before finals begin.  

A move like this is contradictory to the values and practices the administration promotes. 

Time management skills are crucial as ever as the work begins to pile up. Without a study day, it’s important for students to dedicate blocks of time in their day to their final exams. Students will now have to spread out their study sessions on top of classes and assignments. 

For future semesters, Coastal should have a study day as a non-negotiable event. It shouldn’t be knocked off the schedule under any circumstances. 

Students’ success should be a top priority, and this decision doesn’t reflect that. 

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