Chant Tea: Super Bowl predictions in teal nation

Who do you think will win Super Bowl LVII?

Sam Garrity

Hometown: North Myrtle, South Carolina

Major: Marine science

Year: Sophomore

“I’m hoping that the Chiefs win. My dad likes the Chiefs”





Daisha Bromell

Hometown: Conway, South Carolina

Major: Digital culture and design

Year: Sophomore

“I honestly think the Eagles are going to win. I have some people in my family who are supporting the Eagles, so I just want to see what happens”




Nick Jimenez

Hometown: Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Major: Recreation sports management

Year: Sophomore

“I don’t really like either of the teams but Imma have to go with the Chiefs. I would have to say 24-21, or maybe higher, but I feel like the Chiefs. I wanted the Bengals to win and I kind of think the Super Bowl is a little set up, but probably not, and I don’t really like the Eagles”



Cambria Haynes

Hometown: Summerville, South Carolina

Major: Public health

Year: Sophomore

“I think the Chiefs are going to win. I’m going for Travis [Kelce]”





Kate Mullarkey

Major: Communication

Year: Freshman

“It’s definitely a tricky one because I wanted to see the Bengals and I don’t like the Eagles, but I’m going to go with the Eagles just because I think they’re going to win.”




Jason Bartlett

Major: Business Management

Year: Junior

“I’m going for the Chiefs. I like Patrick Mahomes.”