Meme of the Week 3/16

Here we see a very different kind of meme. This meme focuses on the caption, “Someone actually understands this meme.”

Below the caption there is a second caption that consists of a series of numbers, “Me: 666-55 22-666-666-6-33-777.”

The photo is of an older phone from the 2000s. This phone includes numbers and letters on a dial pad. This image was from the 2000s when smart phones were not a thing, as people would use phones like the Nokia 3310 that only had buttons.

In order to type a message to friends or family, the user would have to hit the number that corresponds with the letters under them.

For example, if I want to type the letter C, I will have to press the number two, three times.

So, let’s decode this message. Word one 666-55 is “ok” and word two 22-666- 666-6-33-777 is “boomer.”

This makes the sentence say OK Boomer. The people who understand this meme lived during the time before smart phones, understand the 2000s keyboard, or are good at decoding.