Chant Tea: Students on the search for spots

What is your best strategy for finding a parking spot on campus?

Photo by: Sazie Eagan



Kaitlyn Sessions

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business management

Hometown: Conway, South Carolina

“Parking is really full around 10 to 10:30. So, I’d say wake up as early as possible and find a parking spot at 8 or 9.”




Photo by: Sazie Eagan


Hayden Britsch

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marine science

Hometown: Georgetown, Kentucky

“Last semester, I got here at like 10 or 11 which is the worst time to be here to find a parking spot. If I couldn’t, I would go to one of the walkways where people come to the parking lot and ask them if they were leaving. And if they were, they’d be like ‘yeah I’m over here’ and then I’d follow them.”




Photo by: Sazie Eagan


Shaila Iredale

Year: Freshman

Major: Statistics

Hometown: Little River, South Carolina

“Honestly, I just show up as early as I can. I live really far away so I have a long commute as it is. If not, I’ll usually kinda sit somewhere until the classes get out. So, if its Monday, Wednesday, Friday around like 9:50, 10:50, that’s the perfect time to go look for parking because people are usually leaving.”




Photo by: Sazie Eagan


Jihad Leveramore

Year: Senior Major:

Theatre Hometown: Conway, South Carolina

“I park across the street that the black shuttle picks up at. And I just take the shuttle over to campus. That’s all I do.”







Photo by: Sazie Eagan


Diamond Edmonds

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communication

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

“So, when I’m looking for a parking spot, most of the time I’ll wait while people are walking. And then I’ll ask them ‘are you leaving?’ and then they say ‘yeah!’ I’ll be like ‘okay!’ and then I’ll get their park whenever they leave.”




Photo by: Sazie Eagan


Kevin Klein

Year: Freshman

Major: History education

Hometown: Oceanside, New York

“Showing up 45 minutes early.”