Chant Tea: How social media affects students’ ability to study

Question: Does social media distract you from doing your homework? If so, what app distracts you the most? 


Chloe Shifflett, sophomore, Business Management and Marketing 

Hometown: Calvert County, Maryland 

“Oh yes, 100%. TikTok distracts me the most.” 


Steven Haley, sophomore, Sustainability 

Hometown: Pasadena, Maryland 

“Snapchat for sure. The notifications are really annoying.” 


Ryan Strobel, senior, Recreation and Sports Management 

Bucks County, Pennsylvania 

“[Social media] does distract me. TikTok distracts me the most, you don’t realize how much time flies by.” 


Jackson Bell, senior, Recreation and Sport’s Management  

Hometown: Poughkeepsie, New York 

“Yes, Snapchat distracts me the most, because every time I get a notification, I want to check it.” 


Emily Thompson, sophomore, Finance and Financial Manager 

Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

“It depends on the day. TikTok or texting probably distracts me the most.” 


Riley Alstott, sophomore, Business Management 

Hometown: Lombard, Illinois 

“I would say TikTok distracts me the most. A five-minute break turns into a 30-minute break.” 


Hannah Watson, sophomore, Early Education 

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina 

“Yes, it does. TikTok distracts me.” 


Mekenzie Robinson, senior, Communication 

Hometown: Fort Mill, South Carolina 

“Yes, and TikTok.” 


Diamond Gaston, senior, Music 

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina 

“Social Media does distract me, and TikTok distracts me the most.” 



Eli Christmas, sophomore, Communication 

Hometown: Clemson, South Carolina 

“I would say that social media distracts me from doing my schoolwork. Sometimes I find myself quickly checking Snapchat and then being on it for 30 minutes before I even know it.”