Accuracy of CCU’s COVID Dashboard

The Coastal Carolina University COVID-19 dashboard began reporting positive cases on July 29 and is updated every Friday morning.  

According to the COVID-19 dashboard on CCU’s website, there were three new positive student cases, two new positive employee cases, and no new affiliate cases for the week of Oct. 28 – Nov. 3. The dashboard reports a total of 466 cumulative positive cases at CCU since July. 

In comparison, South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control most recent weekly report, issued Friday, Nov. 5, said there were 560 new positive cases in the state that week.  

According to SC DHEC, Horry County reported 38 new positive cases, and 35 probable cases, as of Nov. 3.  

Associate Professor of Health Administration Stephen Borders explained where the information for the Coastal Carolina University COVID-19 dashboard comes from. Borders said it is important for students to be aware of the dashboard and its purpose. 

“There’s a lot of people working behind the scenes that input the data. There are people from Student Health Services, there’s people in housing who do a lot of the isolation and quarantine data. Student Health Services provides a lot of the data related to testing and positive cases,” he said.  

Associate Professor of History Amanda Brian said she has seen lower classroom attendance this semester compared to past years.   

“Class attendance has been incredibly poor, and that’s certainly related to COVID. It has been one of the worst semesters I’ve ever seen,” Brian said. “I think there’s also a general stress level. College is difficult in this moment, and it’s just compounding the poor attendance.” 

Brian said she believes her classroom attendance aligns with what the COVID-19 dashboard is reporting. 

“I think students are wanting to be in class. I think it’s just that they are overwhelmed,” Brian said.