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“The Eras Tour” Movie: An immersive celebration

Taylor Swift solidifies herself as more than a “pop star”

One of the most highly anticipated films of the year, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” hit theatres on Friday, Oct. 13. Fans of all ages dressed up in costumes representing all the eras in her music career, from “Speak Now” to “Midnights.” 


Before watching this film, I’d admit that I wasn’t very invested in Taylor Swift and her music. Growing up, I enjoyed some of her most popular hits such as “Blank Space,” ”You Belong With Me” and “Look What You Made Me Do.” Those were arguably some of the most iconic tunes of my childhood. 


However, what the movie revealed to me was how special, unique, and telling each era of her music career was. 


What moved me the most was how every aspect of the show played a vital role in the production. The background dancers truly captured the energy and aura of each era with their dedication and vibrance to the show’s complimentary stunning, colorful visuals. 


Yes, this is the typical cookie-cutter idea of a pop star’s tour setup, but in this case, everyone had a story to tell through Taylor’s music. It was a profound symbolism of how the music has impacted her life and what support from the audience means to her. 


The film was a collage of the impact music can have on humanity, through glimpses of fans who were caught smiling, cheering and crying tears of joy at her concerts. The atmosphere was like no other, and to be able to witness it up close and personal in a theatre was simply indescribable. 


The Eras Tour represents a rebirth for Taylor Swift, who is often labeled as the typical pop star in mainstream media. She reclaims her music as an evolution of herself and her career, and sends a message to the world that she is not going to conform to the criticisms of society. 


I recommend anyone, whether a superfan or not, to watch this film. For a mere fraction of a concert ticket, you get the full experience of a three-hour show as if you were standing right in SoFi Stadium. It’s a beautiful celebration of the nostalgia and joy that these eras sprinkled throughout our lives. 

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