Meme of the Week


Meme of the week is not just an image with a caption. It represents the thoughts and feelings of a person or group.

The text on the meme is a caption that is intended to elicit humor among the audience.

This worldwide phenomenon is important because social media and social engagement are becoming the new norm. These trends can also show the audience what was important at that time.

The caption on meme of the week is, “Me sacrificing my career for eight extra minutes of sleep.” This can be true for so many people.

The meme pokes fun at the workplace. People stay up too late, cannot get to sleep or have kids that wake them up and then they have trouble getting up in the morning. They think they need that extra eight minutes of sleep and that extra eight minutes might be worth sacrificing their careers.

The photo associated with this week’s meme is a dog that is laying down and playing dead. This photo is becoming recognizable because the photo is being paired with different captions that elicit humor among the audience.