The Last of Us: From the controller to the big screen

What to expect this far

From the spot-on casting choices to the mesmerizing scenes and landscapes, HBO laid all cards on the table when they adapted “The Last of Us” from its video game format to a TV series.

The 2013 PlayStation game navigates through a post-apocalyptic world where humans are infected with a strain of the Cordyceps fungus that turns them into ravaging monsters. It is centered around the characters Joel and Ellie as they make their journey across the country and try to survive at all costs.

Whether you have played the game before or are watching it with fresh eyes, this show captivates its audience with a plot that provides many scenes to have you on the edge of your seat.

The show starts off with some background describing the fungus and its effect on humans. Then, they flash forward to Joel and his life right before it turned upside down.

The audience is quickly thrown into the madness of the world as it falls to the virus and gets to see the tragedies that came along with it. In an instant, the series flashes forward 20 years and gives viewers a perception of the world and what it has become.

The dystopian government is trying to keep order in place while resistance groups form as they try to find something to end the madness. This is when we are introduced to Ellie, the girl who could be the key to curing it all. She is immune to the bites of the infected but has a very infectious, feisty attitude.

Although they had a rocky encounter, Joel and Ellie must use their differences to work together and protect each other while traveling through dangerous places.

As the series moves forward, viewers who are familiar with the game can experience more nostalgia while newcomers get a deeper look into the fantasy world and slightly deviate from the original gameplay. With the creators of “The Last of Us” game involved, the nine-episode series is on its way to a fantastic season.