Man, myth or Messiah

(Left to Right) Rice Broocks and Eric Hedin leading the event on Jan.24 inside the Lib Jackson Student Union Th eater.

Photo by: Maci Kaye Anderson

(Left to Right) Rice Broocks and Eric Hedin leading the event on Jan.24 inside the Lib Jackson Student Union Th eater.

Best-selling author of “God’s Not Dead” Rice Broocks visited Coastal Carolina University along with Eric Hedin for an event brought to campus on Jan. 24 by Every Nation Campus, a Christian club and organization.

The two doctorates opened a presentation for anyone interested in the evidence of God. The public event accepted everyone, regardless of their religious background or religious identification.

With his doctorate in missiology, Broock was able to provide both theological and historical context as Hedin holds a doctorate in physics and astronomy. Both used their disciplines and shared how everything points to God and even included other related areas of studies like probability, mathematics and philosophy.

Hedin was able to lend his expertise and assist by elaborating on topics pertaining to his scientific background in an “age of uncertainty.”

“I think that some students have this idea that maybe science has disproven God, and that’s not really the case,” Hedin said. “In fact, the more we learn from science, the stronger the evidence is that points towards design and fine tuning, you know, a designer gotten behind the universe– the reality of Jesus Christ.”

Broock highlighted his presentation into main topics many question and elaborated in-depth and provided many modern and relevant examples. He spoke on how these evidences pointed to a Beginning, an End, a Messiah and Creator and The Gospel, as well as how they all intertwine.

Broock also used examples and different forms of media to share doubts and misconceptions many non-believers hold and addressed them in full detail. Th is included issues pertaining to ethics of good versus evil, life not being an accident, never being too far gone, and more.

Lourdes Skeete-Dennis, a senior majoring in graphic design and member of Every Nation Campus, explained how the club’s community helped her since transferring to Coastal.

“[Every Nation Campus] didn’t judge me for things like some people who are trying to walk in Christianity. It’s a real support system and they are not only concerned with trying to get you to commit your life to Jesus, because that’s on your own,” Skeete-Dennis said.

The presentation aligned with Broocks’s famous book, which influenced the popular movie with the same title. The film consisted of a college student asked to abandon his faith by a religiously discriminating professor. Through an agreement with his professor, the student seeks to prove the evidence of God, without using biblical scripture, and stand up for his faith without receiving a failing grade.

Mickenzi Lee, a senior majoring in theater and member of Delight Minsitries, came in support of the event and to hear Broocks’s response to misconceptions along with her friends.

“I remember seeing [the God’s Not Dead movie] when I was really young, so I was extremely interested to hear what [Broocks] had to say,” Lee said.

After the event, Broocks and his team passed out free copies of his book.