Meme of the week

A meme is an image that includes text. Memes can be cute, funny and sometimes satirical. The text on the meme is a caption that is interned to elicit humor among the audience.

This meme chosen for this week is for the college students. Th e text above the image says “Me writing essays.” This is just a statement but when combined with the photo it makes a funny meme.

The four photos are screen shots taken from the movie. These photos are stacked together to show the thought process of the character. Th e photos associated with the text is from “Th e Emperors New Groove,” a popular children’s movie that came out In the early 2000s.

The character chosen is Kronk, one of the funny characters in the movie. Kronk is known for not being the smartest character in the movie and repeats himself often.

Photo 1: “Oh right, the poison.”

Photo 2: “The poison for Kuzco

Photo 3: “The poison chosen specially to kill Kuzco”

Photo 4: “Kuzco’s poison”

This pokes fun at college students who are trying to make word count and making word count sometimes means repeating yourself and using filler words.