Menstrual products for all


Photo by Kelsie Crough

SGA’s Vice President of Finance Ryleigh Gregory demonstrating how to use free menstrual product dispensers.

Free menstrual products dispensers can now be found throughout Coastal Carolina University’s campus thanks to widespread support from students who recognize their practical and social importance. 


Implementing free menstrual product dispensers was a student project led by alumni Tyler Williams, Student Government Association’s vice president of finance Ryleigh Gregory, and Women and Gender Studies Honor Society member Alaina Edwards, The Chanticleer reported last semester. 


In a recent interview, Gregory said the project faced a four-month delay on installing the dispensers due to production issues. She said they are currently waiting on two more for the Coastal Science Center and the Burroughs and Chaplin Center. Besides those two buildings, every academic building on campus has one dispenser. 


“For me, it just shows that our campus really came together and did something for the greater good,” Gregory said. 


Freshman Carolina Maung said she finds the dispensers convenient and erases the hassles that come with menstruating.  


“For me, I feel like it’s a good thing. It makes me happy because it’s something that all girls, or anyone else, really needs and it’s a great resource,” Maung said. 


Jeremy Monday, senior director of campus environments, said they chose the locations based on how to keep the program sustainable regarding both with staffing and supply, and where students could access the dispensers in a time of need. He said they are monitored by custodial services Monday through Friday to ensure there is enough product.  


“This program is based on the premise that we truly believe that no one should have their academic experience disrupted due to a lack of access to these products,” Monday said. 


However, Monday said the dispensers are located primarily only in all-gender restrooms or women’s restrooms if an all-gender restroom is not accessible. He said there is not a current plan to expand the project. 


Maritza Mazariego, president of Students Advocating for Gender Equality (SAGE), said they believe that it is important to have menstrual products in all bathrooms, including all-gender and men’s bathrooms. Mazareigo said it would challenge the idea that only women menstruate and men do not.  


“I think it is not only about providing products for people, but also redefining barriers of sex and gender,” Mazariego said. 


Mazareigo said some of their peers who are transgender men struggle to use the men’s room due to social stigma and a lack of access to products. They said having the products accessible is not only practical, but is a conversation piece.  


“It kind of shows that there is a diverse group of people on campus and everyone is here and queer, and it’s not just cismale, cisfemale students,” Mazareigo said. “It shows that CCU is for everybody.” 


Sophomore Blake Allen said it might be strange at first to see dispensers in the men’s room, but he still supports it and supports menstrual products being free. 


“If it’s an emergency and people need something, then I would say put anything like that in the bathrooms,” he said. 


For more information on where to locate free menstrual products across campus, please visit