CAB gives the gift of karaoke

Coastal Activities Board (CAB) and its paid student staff gave students the chance to take a break from studying for finals and held a karaoke night at the Lib Jackson Student Union Theatre on Nov. 28.

An abundance of people showed up in their pajamas and blankets, ready to scan their CINO cards and spend the next hour from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. partying and singing music together. Complimentary ice water, hot chocolate, and warm apple cider were provided for those waiting their turn to take the mic.

“We want to start getting people in the holiday spirit by hanging out, having fun, and enjoying one another’s company,” Assistant Director of late-night events Skye Garrett said.

Students danced, laughed, and sang along to all sorts of music, specifically holiday tunes. Attendees were encouraged to perform any song of their choosing, from holiday favorites like “Silent Night” to some non-festive songs such as “Hopelessly Devoted to You” from the musical Grease.

“I really enjoyed tonight since it was nothing but good vibes all around,” sophomore CAB member Aaniyah Ragland said.

According to those who attended the event, the karaoke night was entertaining. Audience members clapped and cheered on whoever was on the stage. First-year student Jasmine Bannister said she had a positive experience.

“It was fun watching everybody sing and dance,” Bannister said.