Preparations for pre-law: What USC School of Law can offer post-undergrad

Students with differing majors gathered in the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts on Oct. 24 to learn about what the University of South Carolina (USC) School of Law has to offer.

Phi Alpha Delta, an international prelaw fraternity, hosted the law school admissions workshop and invited Dean of Admissions Karen Britton from USC. Britton visited Coastal Carolina University’s campus to discuss topics such as how to know if law school is the right decision for students, preparation for admissions and cost, employment outcomes of the USC School of Law, and the success before, during and after law school.

Britton said she recommended freshmen and sophomores to connect with reliable sources such as academic advisers and alumni and to identify their interests within the legal field. Juniors were encouraged to begin preparing for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), draft resumes, and secure letters of recommendation. Seniors were given advice on connecting with target law schools and setting personal goals.

Baby-Lace Butler, a forensic psychology major at CCU, mentioned her interest in becoming a lawyer one day. Butler said she thought the event was helpful to learn more about law school admissions and “the factual reasons as to why you belong in law school rather than trying to take a creative approach.”

Britton told students it is important to make a clear statement of why law school makes sense to them when they apply.

Criminal justice major Nicole Scott said she would recommend this event and found it to be very informative for those who are interested in law school. Scott said she hopes to become a lawyer to reform the law so other children do not have to experience the childhood she did.

For more information regarding admission to USC School of Law, reach out to Karen Reagan Britton at [email protected]