Club sports showcase: Recap of Fall Semester club sports and goals


Photo provided by Taelor Fulmore

Students can expect to see club sports teams at Coastal Carolina University strive for championships the same way the Division I sports teams do.

Sophomore Kiara Watts has been playing rugby for a year as a flanker and sports No. 7 on the field. Watts said her goal for this year is to not be injured and be a starter for at least three games. “I picked this sport because it’s similar to soccer and football and I love both sports. So, I thought it would be fun to tackle girls,” Watts said.

Taelor Fulmore, senior vice president of the club sport, has played as a wing, outside center and inside center for the last three years. She said she is looking forward to another great season to kick off her last year. She said her goal is to beat No. 1 ranked Clemson in two weeks.

“Another goal is just making sure that I am doing my part, you know, to help my team out because at the end of the day we are student athletes,” Fulmore said. “Students come first, so just holding myself accountable and the rest of my team. Being the leader that I’m supposed to be and just making sure that I am keeping them on the right track.”

Fulmore said she did not think she would be playing rugby, it is new to her. She said she was opened up to new opportunities, ideas and people.

Similarly, Ashley Worley, junior vice president of the club softball team, has been playing for three semesters now. She said she is the first baseman and a pitcher.

Worley said her goals for the team include growing and building the program for something to leave behind for the incoming students. She chose to play club sports because it offers the benefits of being able to play at a higher level than intramural sports, but without the same commitment as the NCAA. She said the softball field is her safe place, and she has played softball for a total of 16 years.

Sophomore Brianna Stauffer said her positions include being a third baseman, catcher and sometimes an outfielder. She said she ended up playing for the club because it fits better with her schedule and wanted to play the sport she loves. This sport is something Stauffer said she is very passionate about.

“Softball has always been the one that spoke to me,” Stauffer said.

Senior Andrew Harvey is a catcher for the club baseball team and has been playing for the last four years. He said he hopes to win the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) Fall Classic and to make it to the playoffs in the spring.

Harvey said he started playing t-ball as a kid and has continued to play since then.

“I picked baseball just because I have the love for the game and it’s kinda passed down through my family,” Harvey said.

When it comes to playing club basketball, Sophomore Mariah Hylton plays multiple positions on the court. She plays center and guard, but she said her favorite is to play as a forward. Hylton said she wants to get the team to the championship to get sponsors for the team.

“I was pressured into playing basketball when I was younger because I was tall and then I ended up loving it,” Hylton said.