Scholarships: A world of opportunity

Scholarships: A world of opportunity

The Department of English Chair Jen Boyle is introducing an English Futures Speaker Series (EFSS), where the Director of National Scholarships, Judith Zang took the fl oor on Sept. 29.

Each speaker, having humanities experience or degrees, will discuss what the future could look like for those with similar interests. The plan for EFSS is to have guest speakers meet with students and faculty three times a semester.

Boyle was inspired by Zang’s story and determination, which ultimately led to her decision to include her in this series.

“Her experience reflects that you can come from so many backgrounds and be successful,” Boyle said.

Zang’s unique experience with school and her upbringing allowed her to be in the position she is in today. She has beens working in the scholarship business for 20 years now. She said she takes pride in helping students obtain scholarships and awards, as well as getting in contact with people in their field.

“They all share the common mission of making the world a better place,” Zang said.

She said being prepared, making lasting connections, getting a head start and having strong letters of recommendation are the key to winning these awards. She said there is not a magic formula to win.

Her goal is to expose students to new opportunities and improve their communication skills throughout this process. Her work includes meeting with students throughout the school year to work on things like resumes and letters of recommendation, as well as matching them with awards that they could benefit most from.

As Boyle said, Zang is a resource on campus who wants to work with students in creating a brighter future for themselves. By meeting with her individually, both undergraduate and graduate students can experience opportunities they would not have otherwise known about.

Not only could these awards help students financially and academically, but they can also provide an amount of unique and life-changing experiences.