Night full of laughter

Burpie, as seen on MTV’s improvisational show “Wild’n Out,” visited CCU to perform a comedic standup show for students on Sept. 26.

At 7 p.m. students gathered in the Wheelwright Auditorium for the show, attendance was free.

The event was put on by the Coastal Activities Board (CAB). According to Terence Wright, the assistant director of performance, it was a show they were all proud of.

“I didn’t get to work within my means last year, and now I’m able to formulate better events compared to last semester,” Wright said.

During his set, Burpie interacted with audience members and took photos with several of them after the show. He said his favorite part of performing for college students is the relatability aspect.

“College experiences are the same everywhere,” Burpie said.

The show meant more to the students than simply an hour and a half of clever jokes however, it was a way to escape from the day-to-day life of college and enjoy time and a good laugh with friends.

“You never know what somebody’s going through,” Burpie said. “Somebody might be having a hard time studying or passing a class. If they come to a comedy show, they forget about all that.”

Marie Dawson, a student, agrees.

“We should have more events like this because it allows people to come together and laugh,” Dawson said.

Hosting events like a comedy club provides a space for students outside the classroom where they can put aside their studies for a while, which is what Burpie and CAB hoped to do.