Dance Team travels to Mullins for parade festivities


By Maci Kaye Anderson

Th e Coastal Carolina Dance Team traveled to Mullins, South Carolina to participate in its Sesquicentennial Celebration Parade to commemorate the city’s 150 year anniversary.

The Coastal Carolina Dance Team participated in their first major event outside of Horry and Georgetown counties on Sept. 24 to participate in the city’s Sesquicentennial Celebration Parade, honoring 150 years.

The Dance Team traveled to Mullins, South Carolina, which holds an annual “Golden Leaf ” festival every fourth week of September. The festival and the parade seek to celebrate the town’s deep history and local activities. For this occasion, Mullins invited the dance team and Chauncey to participate in the parade.

Robert Woodbury, the mayor of Mullins, was on the planning committee which was compiled of district and council members who sought to invite the dance team.

“It is wonderful to see people come together to fellowship and interact with the town. The more the better,” Woodbury said.

Marla Sage, the head coach of the dance team, accepted the invitation with open arms. This collaboration with Coastal Carolina University was in the works since mid-August of this year. Sage said she hopes the people of Marion County will see Coastal Carolina’s dedication to them and consider attending a game to support the football team.

“We hope to get the community pumped up,” Sage said.

The dance team seemed excited to interact with a different community. They were able to join forces with the Mullins High School band as they performed a synchronized routine to the Auctioneer’s music. Chauncey actively engaged with the Mullins townspeople and followed behind the dance team and the band as they marched down the street. With the university’s growth, the dance team represented the Conway area and the rest of the state of South Carolina.

They spread teal nation spirit in a whole new context.