Spadoni College welcomes students

The Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences hosted their annual welcome picnic on Prince Lawn, which is relatively new because the college was founded in 2021. For this event, students were asked to RSVP. Students, faculty, and staff gathered on Prince Lawn and enjoyed food and games. Some of the games included Connect 4, football, mini golf, cornhole and more.

“Faculty will be there, and students particularly the new freshman students are welcome to come and network with professors and students outside of the classroom,” Jimia Richmond, associate dean and professor of special education, said. “This also gives the student organizations associated with the college a chance to table and recruit students.”

Some student organizations who will be at the event and are associated with the college include Call Me Mister, Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), Th e Sociology and Criminology Club, and Student- South Carolina Education Association (S-SCEA).