Travis Overton

Travis Overton has been a part of Coastal Carolina’s community since 2007.  

He started working as a coordinator of Greek life on campus and served as an adviser for fraternities and sororities. At the time, Overton said he wanted to help establish what fraternity and sorority life could be for the rest of campus. He said what drew him to Coastal was his love of doing new things.  

Overton said he saw how much the campus was willing to embrace new concepts and ideas, and not too long ago, what we know as “TEAL Nation” was not as prominent on campus as it is today. He said through a collective effort with faculty and students, this term was developed to represent the university.  

Today, he serves the role of vice president for executive initiatives and as the chief of staff. Even now, he’s looking forward to working on new programs for inclusion, including being an advisor for the African American Initiative for Men.  

He hopes to work towards helping students feel like Coastal is a home.