Omicron hospitalization rates decrease in South Carolina (Brief)

As the Omicron variant continues to affect local schools, hospitals, and medical facilities, doctors and other healthcare professionals are starting to notice a decline in hospitalizations due to COVID-19.  

This recent decline has made healthcare workers hopeful that we will continue to see a plateau in positive cases, which will then lead to the variant’s inevitable dissolution. This decline is visible in various hospitals around South Carolina, including University Hospital located in Augusta.  

According to Tom Corwin at the Augusta Chronicle, this decrease in serious cases means we may be nearing the end of its plateau in South Carolina. Additionally, Corwin said there is a good possibility the virus, as well as this variant, will become the new normal with case numbers remaining low and much less severe.  

As studies show the number of people being admitted into hospitals in South Carolina start to dwindle down, people are more optimistic that Omicron is finally nearing its end in relation to how contagious it is, and the serious consequences and symptoms as a result.