No more changing the clocks

According to the U.S Congress, the Senate recently voted to make daylight savings time permanent; this unanimous decision could mean we no longer gain nor lose an hour of sleep.  


Experts within the Senate are saying the effects of daylight savings on the economy and people’s health are apparent. The chair of the Senate’s health panel claims that higher amounts of strokes and heart attacks are linked to daylight savings. In addition, daylight savings time negatively affects stores due to online shopping taking over as a result of shortened days. 


There have been many mixed feelings about this decision, as daylight savings has been a regular practice for over 100 years. Although there are already two states, Arizona and Hawaii, which currently do not participate in daylight savings.  


This decision has yet to be made permanent since the power does not lay solely in the hands of the Senate. The bill must be sent to the House and approved in order for it to be implemented. Although the bill was recently received by the House, the fate of daylight savings time is to be determined.  


If this change were to happen, it would begin in 2023. 


Social media caption: The U.S Senate recently voted to get rid of daylight savings. The next step is for this bill to get passed by the House before we can officially say goodbye to daylight savings.