Missed OK Day? Here is how you can get involved on campus

Organization Kickoff Day displayed many of the 180 active organizations on Aug. 23, but students can still join clubs throughout the semester and academic year. 


Brittany Donatelli-Parks, coordinator for student activities, said there are 105 student-run organizations that are not club sports, Greek life, or department sponsored groups. These groups are based on interests, such as the CCU Taylor Swift Society or the MCU Club. There are also many religious groups including Catholic Chants, and the Coastal Muslim Association. 


Donatelli-Parks advised students to take their time and find a club that is right for them. 


“It connects them to other people,” Donatelli-Parks said. “You can definitely hang out in your residence hall, but we want to see you come out and get acquainted with all of the resources and events and everything we have here to offer at Coastal.” 


She said clubs are a great resource to learn communication, leadership, and time management skills. There are clubs that are campus-wide, which are best for students who are “looking for a break” and to meet new people, and major-based for a “hands-on experience.” 


The Student Government Association, for example, is a faculty-led committee that is made for students who want to represent the student body as a whole. Mateo Solana, the SGA president, sent an email on Aug. 30 calling out to students to join the association and fill 71 open positions. The Student Senate, with eight senator spots for each college and class-level, and Student Conduct Board, looking for 15 students to ensure each college is represented by two members, are some of the branches of SGA. 


Most organizations are free to join, but some require a fee. Donatelli-Parks mentioned the scuba club, where they use the funds to rent scuba gear for their members to experiment with.  


“Being active on campus can look different for all of our students,” Donatelli-Parks said. 


Donatelli-Parks said it is never too late to join an organization, however, joining a club is not the only way for students to get involved. Going to the gym or getting a job on campus can also be useful to students to get out of the dorm and meet new people.  


Students who want to know more about the clubs offered at CCU can visit the Student Organization Resource Center in room A202 in the Lib Jackson Student Union, or give them a call at 843-349-2724. Student Activities Weekly also sends emails out every Tuesday about events going on. 


The main way to see all the organizations is Coastal Connections.  


“You can categorize your search based off of your interests. You can also search based off of the organization you’re looking for specifically,” Donatelli-Parks said. 


Visit Coastal Connections at coastal.campuslabs.com/engage to find every club on campus.