A “fine” look on CCU parking spaces

Those who commute on the CCU campus can find parking to be a major inconvenience-one that hinders students from being able to use commutable areas. With parking tickets filling up a hefty load for students it is becoming an issue for many.  

CCU public safety gives out numerous tickets a day to students who are parked illegally, and prices of these tickets can range anywhere from $30 to $250 depending on the circumstance. For those who simply cannot find parking on campus, those tickets can add up to a great numerical value that some students cannot afford. There are over 60 parking spaces or areas that students can park at on campus, but most have limitations. This is where having a parking decal comes into play. 

Parking decals are meant for those who are affiliated with CCU and if you do not possess one for your car-expect a boot on your tire or a major parking fine. And for those who do possess a parking decal-you must follow the parking instructions and regulations for your designated parking areas.  

However, this can be a major problem for those who need to park in their designated area. This is because there are not enough parking spaces for all those students who need to park in that assigned area. Students will rage and drive carelessly and sometimes end up in collisions on campus due to the fight for a parking space. And those who simply cannot find a parking space will be left to have to park illegally in a spot that is not designated for them thus resulting in several parking fines.  

Students believe that adding more spaces could alleviate the pressure and stress of finding a parking space. This even eliminates the high rates of parking tickets and fines that go to those who park illegally.