Goodbye, CCU 

Preparing for graduation is very bittersweet. As this chapter of my life comes to a close, my cap and gown hang in my closet awaiting Dec. 14.  

I started at Coastal Carolina University in Fall 2017, and the past 4.5 years have changed me so much. I began as an Early Childhood Education major, and switched my major to English in Spring 2020, after a semester in the Professional Program.  

I learned so much about myself from my time in both programs and was able to apply some of the things from the education courses to my English ones. I’ve had such great professors that challenged me, and helped me grow as a writer, and thinker.  

Saying goodbye to my friends on staff at The Chanticleer is one of the most difficult parts about moving on.  

This is my fourth year on staff, and I’ve watched the paper change and grow so much over time. Being able to be a part of this has been one of the best parts of my CCU experience. It helped me stay updated on what was going on around campus, explore and write about topics I was interested in, and meet many different people.  

As part of the executive staff, I also got to travel with my team to New York City twice for College Media Association conferences where I got to learn more about journalism, make connections and network, while exploring the city.  

Being a part of The Chanticleer staff gave me so many valuable experiences that are also great for portfolios, and resumes.  

So, some parting advice – find an organization on campus that fits your interests because it just might be one of the best parts of your time at CCU. Get involved, and make the most of it, because it really does go by fast.