CCU theater seniors return from their annual trip to the big apple

Theater department seniors are excited for the future after returning from their annual trip to New York City.  


Every year CCU seniors are invited to attend and perform for a number of agencies and professionals in New York City. 


This annual event is essential for the seniors because it allows them to showcase everything they have worked so hard for. Senior BFA theater arts major Didi Zacks said the showcase was truly a full culmination of their time at Coastal, and an opportunity to apply all the training they’ve had. 


In preparation, the students had the opportunity to create professional websites, headshots, and resumes to provide to the agencies. After performing their two shows, all the students involved had the chance to speak and meet with these agents. This process consisted of interviews and meetings where agents had the opportunity to critique and compliment their work, as well as learn more about them.  


This opportunity was especially unique, allowing students to be introduced to professionals in their industry.   


“They want to know that they are signing with [authentic] people, which is really reassuring,” Zacks said.  


In addition to the showcase acting as an introduction to the professional side of theater, it also served as a great bonding experience for the seniors, faculty and staff. Carson Hebblethwaite, another BFA theater arts major, said working with her peers is a great experience.  


“It’s really special to get to spend time with your class who you work so closely with. Everyone is so supportive of each other, it doesn’t feel like a competition at all,” Hebblethwaite said.  


The theatre department has works hard for the seniors to have their moment. Some students, including Hebblethwaite, were fortunate to sign with an agency during their visit to the city. This event ensures their hard work does not go unnoticed, and the opportunities are endless.