South Carolina ranked 11th least-educated state, a surprising find.

A recent study by WalletHub, a personal finance website launched in August 2013, found the state of South Carolina to be the 11th least educated state in the nation. This study concluded South Carolina came in with a total score of 38.99, with a higher number meaning the state is more educated. This study compared all 50 states by examining educational attainment, school quality and achievement gaps between genders and race. 

Overall, South Carolina ranked 43rd in quality of education and 38th in educational attainment, this left the Palmetto State with a full cumulative score of 38.99. With additional analysis, the higher education of our state concluded a rank of 45 overall. On the lower spectrum of education, South Carolina was ranked 42 in the nation for Pre-k-12 schools.  

 Cassie Difloure, a CCU freshman, said this fact doesn’t surprise her about South Carolina.  

“Growing up in South Carolina with the numbers here is something you kind of get used to, and coming to Coastal and college, that idea of rank isn’t something to look for anyway,” Difloure said.  

The study done by WalletHub looked at various metrics of education attainment like adults with high school diplomas or college degrees, and the quality of education by looking at school system ratings, Blue Ribbon schools per capita, quality of universities, and more.  

The numbers do have time to improve as education here in South Carolina has room to grow-even with the current ratings. South Carolina testing and other methods are bringing the numbers up gradually. Testing such as SLO has proven to be beneficial to monitor the effectiveness of what is being taught in the classroom.