Senior goodbye

Countless memories and four years later, I am graduating from Coastal.  

During my time here I did not expect to get to where I am, but I had goals in mind that motivated me to reach this milestone. My foundations of success at CCU have been solely invested by my faculty and peers who helped me grow and reassured I have the tools to succeed in any avenue I pursue. I am thankful for every opportunity that has been presented to me.  

These opportunities have helped me stand out on my resume, and I am thankful for the organizations that brought me in and allowed me to be a part of their culture. Memories from these organizations play a small part in who I am today. From teal, white, and black gamedays to fried chicken Fridays, the list goes on.  

As an alumnus, teal is included in this whole experience, and I cannot wait to wear my teal tie on the first Tuesday of my job.  

It is always chants up, but until next time, chants out.