Volunteering Veteran wants to help community

The military and veterans service office at Coastal is introducing a new volunteer that will be staying with the office until the end of July. Her name is Lt. Col. Bettina Avent and she is originally from Ackerman, Mississippi, and will be volunteering and helping with projects in the office, one of those being introducing the Skillbridge Program.


The Skillbridge Program provides service members separating or retiring from service the opportunity for an internship to explore post-service job opportunities. Avent wanted to work in higher education and reached out to the veterans’ office a few months ago looking to intern at CCU. The only option available was as a volunteer and she was more than willing to accept the opportunity. Advent said she wants to help students with any challenges they might have and expand their opportunities  


“Today there are misconceptions of what service in the military looks like and what service members have to offer. I see my role in this internship as expanding opportunities for others to have someone to have someone to talk to about military service,” Avent said.