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Impactful women in politics

Throughout history, women have continuously made strides in politics and equal rights, and it is important to celebrate these women’s accomplishments.  


Beginning in 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton held the Women’s Rights Convention along with other notable women. This was one of the first famous movements that aimed to protect women and ensure their rights as human beings.  


Through the women’s rights movement, their right to vote was ratified in the 19th Amendment, allowing for political participation and involvement. Prior to 1920, the first congresswoman Jeanette Rankin was elected. 


The movement only grew more impactful after 1920 as it separated into different sectors and focused on topics ranging from property rights to bodily autonomy in the ‘90s.  


Although many strides have been made in the political arena for women, there are still issues that dominate the political system in America. 


For example, as stated in the Center for American Women and Politics, only 126 women are currently serving in the House of Representatives. This makes up approximately 29% of the lower house of the legislature. 


Not only does this reflect the minimal seats represented by women, but this also illustrates how women’s rights may be overlooked in Congress due to the lack of voices to speak on topics concerning women. However, there are women in Congress who have made efforts to improve Americans’ quality of life.  


U.S. Sen. of Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin has fought for student loan reforms to ensure education can be accessible to those who are low income. In addition, she also proposed the America’s College Promise Act to support students in reaching economic success regardless of their backgrounds.  


In addition to Baldwin, Dianne Feinstein was also the longest-serving female senator. During her time, she worked on the first congressional legislation that addressed global warming. Additionally, CBS news mentioned how Feinstein initiated Breast Cancer Research Stamps, which raised over $100 million.  


U.S. Sen. of New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, has also made significant achievements. Hassan has made contributions to limiting climate change, providing clean water to her state, and expanding small businesses through relief and support.  


All of these women represent centuries of determination for equality, and they all have made many notable accomplishments through their time as Congress members. It is important to notice such achievements as they represent diligent efforts to secure women’s rights. 

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