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The twelve tunes of Christmas

Happy holidays everyone!  

Last year, I wrote an article about how “All I Want for Christmas is You” sucks. So, we may finally be free from the torment, but now I’m here with the twelve possible solutions. 

The introduction to this list has to be “St. Brick Intro” by Gucci Mane– and yes, Gucci Mane has a Christmas song and it had me dying the first time I heard it because it has great rhymes in it. “I AM THE GRINCH” by Tyler, The Creator is another song that captures the Grinch in a new attitude that I really enjoy. 

At No. 3 is “This Christmas (I’ll Burn It To The Ground)” by Set It Off, throwing it back to how we usually think about the Grinch with the whole stealing Christmas plot. For such a dark topic, the storytelling skills are too good in De La Soul’s “Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa” to pass up. This song tells a tale of a girl named Millie, who has an unfortunate life filled with abuse, and ends in a tragedy. A dark song, yes, but the rhyme scheme and storytelling are highly skilled and glossed over. 

Now to get back into a cozy Christmas feeling, I have to choose “Let It Snow” by Boyz II Men. It’s packed with smooth vocals and an endearing atmosphere that really gives the Christmas feeling. However, to throw some breakup anthem into it, “Alone This Holiday” by The Used is a go-to. 

“Merry Axemas” by Ice Nine Kills sits at No. 7. Ever since I first heard this it hooked me in and became one of my must-plays for Christmas with how catchy it is, and its theme is the Christmas horror franchise “Silent Night Dealy Night,” which is referenced throughout the song. Next up would be “Naughty Christmas” by Lacuna Coil, a song about how Krampus plays a part in Christmas and how he punishes the bad children. 

Jack Black makes it onto this list with a relatable song, “Things I Want” by Tenacious D and Sum 41 that details the many cool things he wants for Christmas from Santa. Now I know he was already mentioned earlier, but these two are too good to not have on the list. ”LIGHTS ON” by Tyler, The Creator who really carried “The Grinch” movie with some great music. 

For our eleventh track I am going with “Christmas Vacation” by Descendents, a song about heartbreak relationship troubles and how the narrator wanted to help but his girlfriend spiraled into a bad place, and she pushed him until he finally gave up on the relationship entirely. Last but by far not least, “Red Water (Christmas Mourning)” by Type O Negative, using Peter Steele’s magic vocals to truly give a powerful experience paired with bells and a truly otherworldly performance by the band creates a beautiful song. Although, it is about the loss of his father and trying to cope with grief by guzzling red wine to forget the pain. 

A somber ending to the list, I know, but these are all great songs on their own and especially great for the holiday season. Be sure to check them out and have a very merry holiday. 

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