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Scholars Academy success

Peak into what it’s like being a high school student at CCU

I am a 16-year-old junior in high school, but I also attend Coastal Carolina University through dual enrollment. Rather than transitioning from middle school to high school, I had to transition from middle school to university. 

Although Scholars Academy, a high school and bridge school located on campus, is like a regular high school, the academic rigor and expectations are much more intense. To get into the school, eighth grade students apply and provide grades, standardized test scores, essays and short responses. 

Being a student at Scholars Academy comes with many difficulties. 

Many students who are a part of the high school tend to deal with issues regarding stress, time management and balance. Through AP classes, college classes, extracurricular activities, sports, etc., most students feel overwhelmed and find difficulty in enjoying free time with friends and family. However, students are given many opportunities to succeed. 

For instance, Scholars students learn in small classes with about 50 peers in each grade. Because of this, they have better opportunities to talk and communicate with teachers or instructors. Collaborations between the Scholars Academy and CCU allow students to get college credit and graduate college early. 

Students are also given more opportunities to earn scholarships through both the University and Scholars Academy. Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) and SAT workshops are implemented to ensure students get high scores, allowing them to earn money or even full rides to in-state or out-of-state colleges. 

Being a student at Scholars, however, does limit connection to base schools. Base schools are the high schools that Scholars’ students play sports at and would attend if they were to be expelled. Since students don’t go to base schools to learn, they don’t socialize with base school students as much as they might want to. 

This lack of interaction with base schools can prevent Scholars Academy students from feeling connected to the schools since they aren’t able to attend proms, pep rallies or school events. However, Scholars Academy attempts to prevent students from feeling like they’re “missing out” by establishing its own events. 

Winter formals, Halloween parties and Coastal events allow Scholars students to have fun and feel school spirit without going to typical base school events. 

Overall, Scholars Academy is a high school that is quite difficult to handle, mentally and academically, but the opportunities that are available to students can boost their chances of success and prosperity in the future. 

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