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Student in the field: Broadcast news internship experience

For the past two months, I’ve been living an experience that I thought I’d never be doing.  


On Aug. 29, I was hired to be an intern at the WBTW Channel News 13 Station in Myrtle Beach. By doing this internship I will learn about the company’s business, gain valuable insight and experience. 


Being able to intern at a news station has been one of my best decisions in my life. I come in every Tuesday and Thursday, working from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Some days, I stay inside the news station, while the other days I am out in the field with a reporter. 


The days when I stayed inside I end up being in the control room, practicing writing web stories and on-air scripts, editing with producers, or even listening to voicemails that could be newsworthy stories. On the other hand, the days when I am out in the field with a reporter can be filled with live tracks, many interviews and various events to attend.  


This internship has kept me very busy this semester. When you are out on the field, you can be out there for either a few hours or all night long. 


With Adrianna Lawrence, I’ve been to a family’s home who was damaged by the tropical storm early August, a Horry County council meeting and a few public events including Governor McMaster and candidates who were running for the 2023 election. 


Not only have I gone out with a news reporter, but I was able to experience being on the field with a sports reporter. On Oct. 19, I went out with Julia Kennedy to film live shots from the Loris versus Manning and Aynor versus Georgetown varsity high school football games. I really enjoyed these moments because watching sports has always been an entertaining for me and it was something different to cover besides hard news. 


For the past month, I’ve been practicing my stand-ups and voice tracking. Stand-ups can be a little nerve wracking, but you get used to the bright light shining at you while being in front of the camera. Voice tracking has been improving each time, I just have to stay consistent with my tone and enunciate all my words clearly. 


Being here at WBTW will be an unforgettable journey in my life. I’ve learned so many great things that I didn’t know before and met some incredible people who love the news industry. 


I have one more month left and I plan on enjoying every second of it. I definitely recommend doing this internship if you plan on going into the media and news industry. 

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