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Chant Tea: Costumes and candy for children versus college students

“How old is too old to trick-or-treat?”

Ethan Nickels 


Year: Sophomore 

Major: Information technology 

Hometown: Conway, South Carolina 

“Honestly, are you really ever too old to trick-or-treat? Like honestly right, that’s valid. Like everyone needs candy, ya’know? So, If you’re going to a house with your kids I would still grab some candy for myself. But, if they don’t want you to take the candy, that’s okay too. So any age I guess.” 


Spencer Stork 

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Marine science 

Hometown: Vienna, Virginia 

“It’s never too old. But if I had to pick a certain age, I’d probably say 17. Probably, that’s when I stopped anyway. That’s when I just started watching movies in the house and hanging out with people pretty much.” 

Marquel Pearson 


Year: Junior 

Major: Engineering science 

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina 

“I would say it depends on the group. It depends on who is the youngest in the group, because it’s a group experience. I am a junior in college but I still take my baby cousin trick-or-treating. So, as long as you have the right person. If I was to put an age to it, I would say 18.” 

Caitlin Carr 

Year: Senior 

Major: Sustainability and Coastal Resilience 

Hometown: Fair Haven, New Jersey 

“I think as long as you can either pass for a high schooler or if you have a baby. The in-between is college students I guess. But age 22.” 

Year: Freshman 

Major: Recreation and sport management 

Hometown: Mansfield, Massachusetts 

“Never. Free candy is free candy.” 

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