Scoping out before scheduling

Do you use If so, how does it help you?

Photo by Caroline Surface

MacKenna Stidd

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Major: English

Year: Junior

“Yes, I use it because it helps me decide who to get or not. I trust other people’s opinions, and if majority of the people are saying ‘so and so’ is an awful teacher and grades unfairly, I am definitely not going to be wanting to take them.”



Photo by Caroline Surface

Caden Taylor

Hometown: Chester, South Carolina

Major: Psychology

Year: Sophomore

“I think it’s pretty reliable. You get mixed reviews sometimes, and it’s kind of just up for your discretion. Overall, I use it a ton for my scheduling like for next semester. So, I think it’s pretty useful.”


Haleigh Heston

Hometown: Marlton, New Jersey

Major: Exercise and sports science

Year: Junior

“If it says all negative things about a teacher, I will switch my class or try to get a different teacher.”





Photo by Caroline Surface

Kevin Mingle

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Major: Business management

Year: Senior “So far, it ain’t lied yet.”








Photo by Caroline Surface

Brooke Johnson

Hometown: Dover, Pennsylvania

Major: Accounting

Year: Sophomore

“I make sure to use it when making my schedule because I don’t want bad professors, and I like to see what other people have to say.”






Photo by Caroline Surface

Ezekiel Penn

Hometown: Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Major: Business Management

Year: Sophomore

“Rate My Professor is a great way to know what you’re getting yourself into for the upcoming semesters.”