Hidden gems

As families visit Conway for graduation, many restaurants get swamped, making it harder to find spots to eat with loved ones. Luckily, there are some local diamonds that have stood out to me when it comes to dining with those I care about, especially as a local to the area.

Here are my top five locations I recommend to anyone who has no idea where to begin.

Jo Hibachi

Jo Hibachi in Downtown Conway is the perfect place for any small family and provides casual dining with high quality Japanese food, along with my favorite sushi in all of Horry County. The wait here is typically maxed at 45 minutes during dinner times but usually is vacant for lunch. I would only recommend this place for lunch if you are bringing your immediate family as it does have very limited seating with select numbers at each table.

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant

Another alternative option similar to Jo Hibachi is Miyabi Japanese Restaurant in Myrtle Beach. This is a finer dining option as the food is prepared in front of you, and the tables are large enough to include families of a larger party. Here, your best friends on the menu are the appetizer shrimps, various steaks, and soups.

DinoLand Cafe

If you are looking for an unforgettable and fun dining location, DinoLand Cafe in Myrtle Beach is a surreal experience as there are dinosaur statues, sceneries, and a dinosaur that walks around the restaurant to all the guests. This restaurant has a diverse menu, surplus seating, and a great experience at a rather good price. The cafe is usually vacant during lunch and early supper time, and going is worth it because this place really showcases the unpredictable atmosphere and love of Myrtle Beach.

Travinia Italian Kitchen

Travinia Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar is another great location in Myrtle Beach at Market Common. Here, the service, food, and experience are impeccable and allow you the opportunity to browse Market Common shops and desserts. Additionally, it is not a far walk from the parking lot whatsoever, which makes navigating a breeze.

Lombardo’s Italian Restaurant

Another alternate location for Italian dining is Lombardo’s Italian Restaurant, a more formal dining experience for Italian cuisine in Myrtle Beach. The dim lights and wide variety of seating allow for a cozy and delightful atmosphere. Everything I have tried so far on the menu is mouthwatering and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a memorable time.

There are so many options in Myrtle Beach, so there are no restrictions to “good food” on an unforgettable day of graduation.