Community celebrates Miss. C.U.R.V.E.

Coastal Activities Board (CAB) celebrated beauty in all its vastly different shapes, colors and sizes at the annual Miss C.U.R.V.E Pageant in the Coastal Theater on April 6.

The event welcomed friends, family and the campus community to support and cheer on the pageant’s four contestants. Students Jayde Torres, Kaitlyn Sessions, Kr’shya Joyner and Jorrèdan Moultrie competed in the event where various prizes, awards, and the title of Miss C.U.R.V.E were there to claim.

Each contestant was judged on their confidence, personality, beauty and charm through showcasing their talent, best evening wear and interviews throughout the event.

Coastal Carolina University student Adana Pertell shared her reasons for coming out to support the event.

“I wanted to see the event in person and give my support to the individuals on stage that I knew and support those who put work into the pageant,” Pertell said.

The acronym of Miss C.U.R.V.E represents the curving of unrealistic views of body expectations. CAB’s goal is to show there is more than just the standard and societally accepted body type through crowning Miss C.U.R.V.E. Director of Pageants and Showcase for CAB Dana Carroway focused on that same idea of why pageants like these are essential.

“I think this pageant is very important for just showcasing that people are going to look different no matter what shape, and being able to show that off and let people know I look this way and I’m proud of it. That’s what Miss C.U.R.V.E. is really about,” Carroway said.

The pageant started with all four contestants taking to the stage for a choreographed dance number to the song “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor before transitioning into the talent portion of the pageant. This was followed up with best evening wear and interviews, with a short intermission and entertainment to allow the contestants time to change.

Showers of praise, cheers, and snaps of approval filled the atmosphere as presenters of the pageant encouraged the audience to show love for the contestants as each one entered the stage. All of the contestants displayed their personality and confidence with every strut, pose and twirl to show how they characterize what it means to embrace their bodies.

The audience continued to praise all the contestants while waiting for the final results from the thoughts of the. Each contestant was congratulated on their hard work, but it was Kr’shya Joyner who took the title of Miss C.U.R.V.E. 2023.

Joyner did not wish to make any comments but shared what true happiness meant to her during the event.

After the event was over, contestants met with their friends and family in the Lib Jackson Student Union rotunda, where they were met with congratulations, flowers and photos.