Meme of the week


This meme of the week pokes fun at those who need to wear glasses.

The meme has gone viral reaching over 3 million likes on social media platforms including Instagram, as well as Facebook.

The photo associated with this meme is from a very popular children’s book known as “Winnie-the-Pooh. The titular character is looking at a piece of paper trying to see what is on the page and by doing so the character is squinting to see what is on the page.

The text on the meme says, “Me showing my bestie a funny meme.”

This meme going around perfectly captures the look when you try to show someone a funny meme on your phone. Meanwhile, you have already seen the meme and processed its humor while your friend is making a face at the phone trying to read the caption.

A student asked if memes were going to fade and become irrelevant. My response to this question was memes are somewhat new and it would take a long time to dissect every popular meme that has been shared on the internet.

However, the viral and notable memes are cultural movements that provide a memory of a moment in time and a foundation for understating the constant evolution of communication.