The Kid Laroi performs for students on tour


Photo by Caroline Surface

Singer The Kid Laroi interacts with the crowd during his set April 2. He went into the general admission section and sang with fans directly.

The Kid Laroi began his “Bleed For You” tour on March 22 at Syracuse University. In total, the singer is set to perform at 18 college campuses, as well as Coachella, in mid-April.

I love concerts in general, so as soon as the dates were announced I knew I had to go. I bought tickets when they first went on sale in early February, and they were around $50 each. I went to his show on April 2 in Columbia, South Carolina, which is about a 2 ½ hour drive away from Coastal Carolina University.

The venue for the show was Colonial Life Arena, home to the University of South Carolina’s basketball team. The whole floor of the venue was general admission and seats were in the venue’s first tier. I sat in section 105 Row 2, which offered a great view to the right of the stage.

The show opened with a performance by Jeremy Zucker. He is an up-and-coming artist with some great hits. I have heard many of his songs like “comethru” and “you were good to me” from TikTok.

You could feel the emotion through Zucker’s set. Before a lot of his songs, he would tell the crowd the story behind his songwriting process. Like many artists, a lot of his inspiration comes from love and heartbreak.

About 20-30 minutes after Zucker’s set, Laroi came on the stage. He began his set standing on a cage-like structure encased with fake lions. The set was cool, and added to his genre-switching performance as he went from rap to pop.

He performed his greatest hits like “Without You,” “Go (feat. Juice Wrld),” “Thousand Miles,” and “Stay (feat. Justin Bieber).” Additionally, he performed a new song that he told the crowd would be on his next album.

Besides the music and set design, something I really enjoyed from the show was how he interacted with his audience. During a part of his set, he asked the crowd if they had ever been heartbroken. He then asked a fan in front of him the name of the guy who broke her heart, and then had the audience all boo the heartbreaker.

The concert altogether lasted around two hours including the breaks in between. The Kid Laroi is an energetic performer, and I would see him again if given the opportunity.