Kickin’ it

Coastal Carolina Kickball League looks to compete


The Coastal Carolina Kickball League is an intramural league for students who love kickball.

The team is not currently competing against other schools because of the lack of teams in their league. The club plans to compete against other schools next year.

Member Joerell Fulmore said the club used to practice for the kickball league but it has become more of a bonding experience for the members.

“We were practicing for that league, but now it’s kind of just a big hangout for everyone,” Fullmore said. “I think everyone enjoys it because it’s good exercise, good fun and just good bonding for everyone.”

The club started almost 1 ½ years ago. Fullmore joined the club during its early days and has seen it grow.

“It kind of blossomed into something bigger,” Fullmore said. “Being created for only a year and a half, I feel like it has a good following for it.”

The growth of the club has also helped the members grow, which Fullmore said he’s seen for himself.

“You can see how much these people have grown just hanging out,” he said. “You really do make your lifelong friends here.”

The Kickball League allows students to play a sport that does not take a lot of their time. Unlike other collegiate sports, playing kickball allows students to still focus on academics because it is laid back.

“It’s not a sport where you have to highlight your entire college career around,” Fullmore said. “It’s really something that you can just have a part in while also doing other things.”

The practices the club holds are not competitive and are for fun. The league that the team was previously in was considered competitive, but people who have joined the club simply want to have a good time.

Fullmore said if someone is thinking about playing a sport in college, it is worth it to give kickball a try.

“There’s really nothing you can lose from joining,” he said. “You get to experience kickball the sport, and the people. You’re not in college that long, don’t be afraid to just try new things.”

Students interested in playing in the league can sign up on the Coastal Carolina Kickball League Campus Labs page on Coastal Connections. The club currently meets two days a week and practice on Mondays and Thursdays from 5-6:30 p.m.