Chant Tea: Keeping an eye out for Selena

Team Selena or Team Haley

Photo by Maci Kaye Anderson

Gabriella Hartman

Hometown: Bergen County, New Jersey

Major: Exercise science

Year: Sophomore

“Selena. I feel like social media takes it out of context, but if you just see the way they are treated differently. Also, the pictures of Justin and Selena being there and Hailey being in the background, its just weird that she was there in that moment in time while they were still together. I think it was kind of a setup.”


Photo by: Maci Kaye Anderson

Jaden Pezzano

Hometown: Kent Island, Maryland

Major: Recreation and sports management

Year: Freshman

“Definitely team Selena. Not for any particular reason, but I am team Selena.”



Photo by: Maci Kaye Anderson

Olivia Rose Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Major: Marine science

Year: Freshman

“Hailey Bieber is in the wrong. Team Selena. It’s obvious Hailey is copying her and making fun of her. She made a joke of her eyebrows being like too weird with Kylie [Jenner], and they make fun of her on their Instagram.”



Photo by: Maci Kaye Anderson

Angel Hough

Hometown: Hartsville, South Carolina

Major: Political science

Year: Senior

“I have definitely been intrigued on the situation and I’m definitely team Selena Gomez. I ain’t going to lie. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was little and I just don’t know the whole scene of what Hailey is about, but it does seem like she is very interested in Selena Gomez’s life.”



Photo by: Maci Kaye Anderson

Corin Wiggins

Hometown: Camden, South Carolina

Major: Theatre

Year: Senior

“I haven’t heard anything about it. I had no idea they were even beefing.”




Photo by: Maci Kaye Anderson


Noah Sadin

Hometown: Somerville, New Jersey

Major: Economics

Year: Sophomore

“I have heard about it but I haven’t looked into it. Like, I know it’s a thing, so I really don’t have thoughts on it though.”