Meme of the week

Meme of the week is not just an image with a caption. It represents the thoughts and feelings of a person or group.

The text on the meme is a caption that is interned to elect humor among the audience.

This worldwide phenomenon is important because social media and social engagement are becoming the new norm, These trends can also show the audience what was important at that time.

The caption on the meme for this week has three parts, the first part says,“My email is well written, reviews and ready to be sent.” This means just what it says they did a good job writing the email. The photo associated is a plane sitting on the runway about to take off.

The second part of the meme says, “My email is sent” This means the writer was confident and sent the email intended for the receiver. The photo attached to this caption is a plane that is taking off and has left the ground.

The third part of the meme says, “Attached file.” This is where the humor comes out in the meme. The photo associated with the third part of the meme is airstrips that are on the runway and the stairs are full of passengers.

The meme pokes fun at academia. When faculty, staff, and students send emails often times the email was well written and well thought out and the attached file was not attached to the original email and it needs to be sent in a separate email.