“Stoney” by Post Malone

Everyone knows rapper Post Malone nowadays, especially with the masterpiece song that was “Sunflower” from the movie, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” But let’s look at the deluxe debut album that has some of his other hits “Stoney (Deluxe).”

Starting with a slower acoustic vibe, the song “Broken Whiskey Glass” focuses on Post’s vocals and builds up to a major beat drop that changes the style of the song in an awesome way. After that is “Big Lie” which is an upbeat song that focuses on how people lie about their money or accomplishments and that he already surpassed the things they lie about.

In “Déjà vu,” Post and singer Justin Bieber try to evaluate if their current girlfriends are really the love of their life or another mistake relationship. Then it’s “No Option,” which is a catchy song about how some fans were upset with him about the album delay and how he is better off in life than those who doubted him.

After that it’s “Cold,” a song about his girl leaving when he needed her and him telling her to keep away now that he is living lavishly. Then it’s “White Iverson.” Considering how popular it is, I’m not sure I even need to tell you about this one.

“I Fall Apart” is next, and it’s one of my favorites. The song focuses on heartbreak and the raw emotions that come with it. You can get swept away and feel his pain being carried away by a great beat.

After that is “Patient,” which in an interview with Genius he said the song is about “Firearms, flossing, and just having fun.” Or in other words, live fast, die young way of life.

Then it’s “Go Flex,” a catchy song looking back on Post’s rise to fame and how he thinks it might be in his future.

Next is “Feel,” which is a bedroom anthem which has a more RnB vibe to it than some of the other songs on the album.

Then comes “Too Young,” a song all about how he does not want to die at a young age like many other famous people have over fame and money. After that is “Congratulations,” a Post Malone classic used by countless graduating classes or just anyone in a good mood since its release to celebrate.

Next is “Up There” produced by Pharrell Williams, which is a smooth song about how Post feels like his girlfriend has pulled away from him and how he would rather get high than try and deal with it. “Yours Truly, Austin Post” is a song all about how he has so much success, he can just smoke, drink, and not have to worry about anything anymore.

After that is “Leave,” a great song about missing someone and not knowing how to handle the feelings even when you know the relationship is over and you did everything you could to try and save it. Then comes “Hit This Hard,” a killer song about realizing something changed about you that you don’t like or you notice yourself becoming someone that was unlike how you were.

Next is “Money Made Me Do It,” a song paying homage to the Atlanta rapper, Bankroll Fresh, who was killed before the album came out.

The closing song is “Feeling Whitney,” focusing on acoustics and describing how he kept thinking he was on top and that he ignored the fact he was heavily addicted to drugs. The song is a strong way to end the album with how many people distract themselves from their vices.

Most of the songs on the album are worth listening to or are too popular for me to mention like “I Fall Apart,” but my top picks are “Broken Whiskey Glass,” “Up There,” “Yours Truly, Austin Post,” “Leave,” and “Hit This Hard.”