Controversial calls cause heartbreak

Students give thoughts on rules in sports they would change

The rules of sports are supposed to bend but not break. Every year, there are controversial debates about rules and questionable calls. With a rising trend in questionable calls on what’s considered a catch in the NFL, it has raised some noise if the rules are too strict, too lenient, or too vague in general.   

  Almost everyone’s favorite team has been heartbroken by a questionable call on a questionable rule at least once. Coastal Carolina University students had a chance to state what they would change.  

  Freshman Cole Jorgenson, a club lacrosse player, said he would change NFL overtime rules.  

  “I’m an advent football fan, and I think the NFL overtime rules are a mess. If I could change the rule, I would give both teams an opportunity with the ball. I think too many competitive games come down to the wire, and lose to coin flips. This rule would ensure you must win from a score and a stop.”  

Freshman Gabie Redmon, student government chair, said he would change the overshift rule in baseball. He said that shifts, or when more than 2 players are on one side of second base, were recently banned.   

  “That’s just the strategy of defensive baseball, and changing it takes away more interesting gameplay for people who enjoy it.”  

  Freshman Lee Jones, freshman, a member of WCCU Radio, said that that defensive interference in football is a divisive subject.   

 Defensive interference is one of the most love or hate calls in all of sports. It seems to only be as crucial in the final moments of games. It’s almost like charity yards sometimes when the team chucks one up in open field and then gets the spot putting them in field goal range. It’s a hard call to make but it’s definitely altering the ending of a lot of games.”