Meme of the Week

The meme of the week focuses on the Spring allergy season. Some like to call it the “pollen apocalypse.” According to The Weather Channel, the pollen count in Conway, South Carolina is very high.  

 The pollen count is so high the pollen can be seen on cars and objects outside.  

 The text on a meme is a caption that is intended to elicit humor among the audience. The audience happens to be focused on Coastal Carolina University (CCU) students.  

 The caption says, “Coastal students enjoying the warm weather, Aspen pool days, and getting tan.” The second caption saying, “Pollen.”  

 The photo is a screen grab from of two people featured on World Wrestling Entertainment.  

 This meme was posted on Instagram by BarstoolCCU, and the post has over 1,000 likes. It is safe to say that this meme resonated with the students at CCU.