A letter to Netflix

While there are plenty of streaming services available, Netflix has always remained at the forefront. In 2023 after six price raises, numerous cancellations of popular shows and now the recent controversy of password sharing, it makes me wonder how much value or need there is for Netflix.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I would get invested into a Netflix original series just to get to the end of season 1 and then BAM: Th e show never came back because it got axed. This happened specifically to shows that were regarded as hits with viewers such as “Th e Midnight Club” or “Ratched.” There isn’t a day that passes where you might not get to see what happens aft er a season finale because of the streaming giant’s fickleness.

Even watching “Stranger Things” or “The Umbrella Academy,” two of the few shows that have managed to not only survive but also grow over the years from support from Netflix, have announced their final seasons as well. With hits like that ending, what is going to be left amid the graveyard of dead shows to watch?

Instead of announcing other ways to keep the streaming service afloat, they offer the premium subscription for an astounding $20 per month equaling to $240 at the end of the year. As the price continually increases, it makes it hard for viewers to keep up with watching their favorite Netflix Original shows. Instead of renewing fan favorites, we end up with less shows to watch with the cancellations.

With everything going on and the talk of locking down on account sharing and the complicated rules that were posted on social media recently, it’s hard to pay for a service that continues to make you feel like they don’t value you. This is especially true as a college student where money is hard enough to come by as it is if you’re paying for your own account.

All I want to do is unwind at the end of my day and watch something I can get invested in without having to worry about another season or not. Is that so much to ask, Netflix?