Behind the scenes with Taye Diggs

As part of the Presidential Signature Series, Coastal Carolina University welcomed the successful actor, Taye Diggs, Feb. 10 to speak about his experiences on and off the big screen.

Diggs reflected on his time at college as a theatre major and described the processes that helped his acting career with students alike in the department. The CCU theatre students learned more about the actor and how to grow as an individual regarding the various roles he’s played.

Throughout his career, Diggs has starred in television, films, and Broadway shows. Students may recognize his roles in TV shows such as “All American,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “NCIS,” and movies like “Rent” and “Malibu’s Most Wanted.”

Later in the day, students, faculty members and locals gathered in Wheelwright Auditorium to hear a special interview with the star conducted by Ashley Holloway, the vice president of marketing and communication.

Holloway’s thorough questioning revealed answers about him that his fans may not have known of. Diggs covered many topics during the interview including his college life, finding the passion for the arts, and his path to fame.

He shared about his past and how he was infl uenced by his mother to endure the path of theatre and music. He said his mother was a performer and was always involved with musical theatre shows and plays.

“I was so intrigued by the transition she would make from being my mother to this character on stage,” he said.

Diggs mentioned the community formed around the performing arts industry was always welcoming and fun to watch. He said college was the place where he could socialize and watch other performers so that he could apply the experience to his craft . He went on to say this constant encounter with actors and actresses made the decision to go to a performing arts school much easier.

“They were always so energetic,” Diggs said. “The girls were pretty, and the guys were always cracking jokes, and they were always acting out scenes.”

Throughout the interview, Diggs talked about his experiences that led to his personal growth regarding his career and his identity. He said that college was a bridge between being dependent on parental figures and being on your own in the real world.

Diggs encouraged CCU students to make mistakes in college because it is the environment to turn them into life lessons that push you forward in life.

“Try to listen to your inner being,” Diggs said, “and until you hear the voice, try different things.”