Steel Panther: A love letter to ‘80s rock

The ‘80s themed rock-metal band Steel Panther performed a concert at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach on Jan. 28 before the band embarks for their “On the Prowl” tour.

Steel Panther is a band that specializes in the glam of the ‘80s. They give those ‘80s rock show vibes to the generations who weren’t around to see the greats of that era. The band also pokes fun at the genre as a whole, with jokes galore.

The moment Steel Panther started playing, everyone was cheering. The crowd started singing along with the band, which built momentum for the rest of the show. After the first song, there were some gag jokes about some of the major bands from the ‘80s, such as Van Halen, Def Leppard, and Mötley Crüe.

Steel Panther interacted well with the crowd. This included making fans become a part of the jokes and having some funny introductions for each of their songs. In between each song, the band made dirty jokes or made fun of older bands and rock stars as they prepared for the next song.

The band also let ladies who were dancing in the audience come on stage to dance for a song. A notable bit was when lead singer, Michael Starr, came out impersonating Ozzy Osbourne and his mannerisms, even biting off the head of a plushie bat.

Lead guitarist Satchel played an incredible collage of great songs in a solo while the rest of the band drank water and prepared for the rest of the set. This was similar to the way Lynyrd Skynyrd used to stretch the solo of “Free Bird” during some of their performances.

The encore song was a personal favorite, titled “Community Property,” which is a love ballad styled after the classic ‘80s love song.

The openers, Black Heart Saints and L.A. Maybe, also performed some impressive sets that excited and prepared the crowd for the headliners.

Overall, the concert was funny, entertaining and had the crowd pulled into the crazy antics of the band. It had a great setlist, hilarious skits and gags, and included the crowd making everyone feel like a part of the show. Based on this great performance, this reporter recommends seeing this band at least once.